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Tuesday, 11. October 2011

intelligent product
By ifiefi, 05:59

Apple Company CEO Steve Qiaobusi leaves the world news, but also in lets everybody immerse at the accident and sad, the Apple Company headquarters as well as the world regional apple retail shop has the people to come the fresh flower to commemorate this great technical field talent.

  In 7th 4:00 pm, located at Beijing Sanlitun's apple retail shop, a card has caused people's surrounding, at the back of this card writes has “Qiaobusi to establish”, but frontage submits a written statement “unprecedentedly, latter does not have the future”,hong kong attractions the inscription is “the ox”. Some people guessed that this is all day hawks the apple product before the apple shop “the ticket scalper” to deliver.

 The apple ticket scalper does not defend the order frequently the behavior, although is loathful, hides image which buys cheap and sells dear in private also and ignominious, but after Qiaobusi died, they can for Qiaobusi offer bunch of flowers, delivered a mourning the card, this procedure also let the author think that they quite “felt emotion have righteousness”!

  Perhaps in the ox also has the apple white powder on ripe apples or other fruit, perhaps they merely were thank the apple the appearance to bring the income for them, but I do not want saying that today the ox resold the behavior to the mistake, departed in Qiaobusi, lets our us lay down the status for the time being, the status, the professional difference, commemorated this great scientific innovation hero together. Because he changed the world, promoted the human science and technology progress!

Apple chip engineer the team scale reaches 1000 people 2011-10-10 08:10: 45 4558 people read the edition: ChrisR [duplication link] [I must disclose] the lead: American science and technology website TechCrunch on October 9 publishes Airuike · Schofield (Erick Schonfeld) the article,Hong Kong seo pr indicated that the apple has massive engineers to begin at present to research and develop the innovation the chip product, after PC when makes on behalf of the preparation.

Future core product will not only be the limitation on the iPhone handset or the iPad plate computer, the apple will also have the further intelligent product to wait for promotes. At present the people after discussing the apple to lose Steve · Qiaobusi (Steve Jobs) the future to move toward the question, what but I want to discuss will be a several week ago dialog, at that time I was in and knew very well that Qiaobusi Silicon Valley senior Gao Guan talked, this occurred after Qiaobusi just resigned from the apple CEO position.

We talk about the apple to finish after the PC time preparation, this Gao Guan disclosed that Qiaobusi told him the apple to have 1000 engineers in the research and development chip product, the core characteristic focuses on the low power loss and the small specification.

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