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Tuesday, 19. April 2011

Carbon Emissions
By ifiefi, 06:58

Impact on Vehicle Carbon Emissions
This shift in global auto sales will be a major obstacle thwarting efforts to control or reduce emissions from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. Countries that are still developing economically and technologically may be less inclined (or capable) of keeping pace with global norms and standards for emission reductions. Furthermore, vehicle buyers in these markets LED lighttend to be more sensitive to price pressure than are buyers in economically mature markets, which favors sales of traditional ICE vehicles. It is unlikely that buyers in developing markets will tolerate the price premium charged for hybrid-electric or battery electric powertrains, with the price differential expected to average approximately $11,000 USD.
"Although some governments are taking steps to reduce auto-related carbon emissions, the sheer volume of vehicles being added to the global fleet over the next decade will largely negate these efforts," said Humphrey. "The global growth pattern points to vehicle carbon emissions and overall air quality getting worse before they get better."
For the world's automakers, the global shift in growth toward emerging markets bears significant implications, as vehicle manufacturers will need to reassess their global strategic priorities and re-allocate resources to meet this new market paradigm. For example, LED Ceiling Lightthe bulk of new investments in vehicle production will be shifted to these new markets (particularly in Asia), and these new production plants will need to be supported with investment by automotive tooling and component manufacturers. In addition, LED tube lightglobal vehicle design and engineering operations will be driven more extensively from Asia to better serve local market tastes and more global sourcing decisions will be made in Asia, as the region will account for the greatest concentration of production and sales.

Read more: J.D. Power and Associates Reports: Reducing Vehicle Carbon Emissions Will Become More Difficult As Emerging Markets Eclipse LED flood light Mature Markets in Growth
The method differs from conventional techniques because it’s based on the activity of electrons on the surface of a metal film. Current approaches generally bounce laser light off an object and onto a photographic plate, which records information about the light waves’ phase and amplitude in the form of an “interference pattern.” Then, when light shines through the hologram, it interacts with the interference pattern in such a way that the image of the object appears, usually in a single color.

Another type LED spot light of hologram, the “rainbow hologram” commonly found on credit cards, appears in different colors under white light. But certain information about the image gets filtered out while making these holograms, and the color changes with viewing angle.

Miyu Ozaki of RIKEN and the department of robotics and mechatronics at Tokyo Denki University and her colleagues now describe a method for making multicolored holograms, LED strip light the colors of which stay the same when viewed from any angle, just like the original object.

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