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Monday, 01. August 2011

system supposes
By ifiefi, 09:19

The United Nations Industrial development Organization said that Italy plans provides 4,300,000 US dollars to promote the Vietnamese clothing, the leather shoes and the decoration wood industry. Three professions will obtain the aid, is for the purpose of improving the product, enhances the design technique,discount women shoes perfect cost management system as well as market marketing.

Although these three professions belong to row of the Vietnamese leading export profession, but this still highly relies on the foreign raw material import and the design. Arranges at the global market Vietnam shoes export after China, in the world textile and the clothing export in the country, Vietnam places within 10 are strong. Vietnam in 2009 the shoe export surpasses 4,000,000,000 US dollars, the textile and the clothing export surpasses 9,000,000,000 US dollars.

According to the Vietnamese Italy Chamber of commerce's statistics, in 2009, Vietnam to Italy's export compose largely is the clothing, the furniture,south sea pearlsthe footwear and the marine products, achieves 1,000,000,000 US dollars critical junctions.

In our country classical famous work "Jin Ping Mei", described the numerous character's shoes decorations, and the style returns different, unique, has increased many brilliance for the entire novel. First, female shoes decoration First, in the book describes each kind of shoes decoration. Is very colorful, the female shoes play the part of especially richly.

The first kind for white figured satin Gao Dexie, like the crow shoes, the sheep pigeon cloud shoes, the scarlet satin shoes, the flesh color figured silk gauze shoes, light blue fragrant Luo Xieer, the mandarin duck picks the peach shoes and so on, is manufactures shoe sole's lining by the white figured satin achievement. Its Gao De had division lignin and the felt nature, in the book the Meng dwelling place of the immortals said to Pan Jinlian: “you, if dislikes the wooden background sound foot, also resembles me to use the felt background to be good, walks is not being loud.”According to leaving on material object, but also has take the silk wadding as Gao Dezhe.

In addition, but also has on the bottom plays with all sorts of patterns. Yu Huai "Woman Shoes Forest Distinguishes" carries: “under Wu the woman,wholesale costume jewellery has take the exotic fragrance as the bottom, encircles by the fine damask silk. Has the chisel flower to be exquisite, the pouch by the fragrant muskdeer, a line of step the thickness, prints the fragrance in the place.”Recent years discovered in the Jiangxi Nancheng Ming Yi proclaims Mr. and Mrs. Wang to bury husband and wife together in the grave an unearthed brocade to embroider the boots, namely Gao Dexie, high approximately 45 inches. The women's shoes instep's material still the deep color, the construction mostly was bowed shoes generally.

The second kind is the flat base embroidered shoes, like scarlet light corpuscle satin shoes, red mandarin duck phoenix mouth shoes, crow satin green dotted line shoes and so on, but also has the sleeping shoes, the qin shoes, the silk shoes, the warm shoes and so on, is also the flat base mostly. Why about at that time female had the flat base, the high bottom two kind of constructions with the bowed shoes, in Li Yu "Leisure Occasionally Sends", has the analysis regarding this specially: “the shoes with the high bottom, cause small to be smaller, thin is thinner, it may be said that makes is most beautiful and the friendliness.

However big, often pulls out sufficiently by this Tibet, buries author section of first thoughts, is stops raises the ugly woman to try to imitate something beyond one, the acting in a reprehensible manner beautiful woman boosts. Nearly has rectifies its shortcoming,Tahitian pearl the small and narrow golden lotus, all uses the flat base, causes to be able to discriminate with the forger, as soon as have never realized this system supposes, then everybody seeks strength to the high bottom, also the high bottom for the thing, then becomes hundred th not to become heir to offer sacrifice, has big to be also small, does not have small to be also big.

Tastes has three inch bottomless foot, is confident the shoes with 45 inches with to set up, counter-sleep 45 inches small, but three inch big, is confident, then fingertip downward, but bare doubts the point, bottomless, then the jade bamboo shoots face upwards, therefore but the point resembles bare.”These words pursued at that time the woman US's psychology to portray are careful, are profound, may be considered as the person wooden three points, high, low-heeled shoes' function, the use effect also speaks clear.

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